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General questions about MaOnlineCe.com

About our company and team

MaOnlineCe.com is a website owned and operated by Emove Real Estate School. Emove Real Estate School is a board approved, licensed, and bonded real estate school. Our license #: 1291. Our instructors and partners have over 30 years combined experience in both teaching and practicing real estate. If you have any questions about our legitimacy, please contact the real estate board. We are also listed on the real estate board's websites: http://www.mass.gov/ocabr/licensee/dpl-boards/re/ceu/authorized-real-estate-schools-in-massachusetts.html

Preclass information

Emove Real Estate School maintains a record of all credits accumulated. As long as your 6 month access period has not expired, you are able to access your account and see your credit. Course data are stored on Emove Real Estate School's secure servers. You will have access to class material for up to 6 months starting from the day your payment was made. Students found to have engaged in misrepresentation of their identity will be promptly reported to the Massachusetts Real Estate board. Only the individual whose license number is listed on the certificate is allowed to access/watch CE videos on our platform. Emove Real Estate School offers refunds to students minus 10% processing fee 3 days after payment. All technical support questions should be directed to: hello@maonlinece.com. Alternatively, you can call us at: 617-942-0914. For course related questions, our instructors are available to answer any questions via email (hello@maonlinece.com) as well. We will make an effort to respond to questions within a reasonable time period on regular business hours (Monday thru Friday).

Getting started

After creating an account and paying, simply select any video you would like to watch. Each course offering is 2 hours long. You are required to watch all 2 hours of each course. To make it easy, we have broken it down into four 30 minute sections. At the moment, we offer a total of 16 topics. You are required to pick any 6 topics for a total of 12 hours. In order to receive a certificate and fulfill your continue education requirement, you have to complete 12 Credit hours.

How secure is my payment information?

Security is very important to us. We do not store any credit card information on our server. Payment information is handled through Paypal. Paypal is a world renowned secure payment platform with over 50 million users worldwide.

How come I can't fast forward?

Our platform was designed according to the guidelines set-forth by the Massachusetts Real Estate Board. The board prohibits the ability to fast-forward past content you have not previously watched. Users are able to rewind and then fast-forward to the point they last watched.

What does the color code for the videos mean?

Green means that you have finished watching that particular video. Yellow means that you have previously watched but you have not completed that video. Pink means that the video has not been watched. When all buttons are green simply means that you have completed the lecture.

What is your return policy?

Our service is 100% money back guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, please contact us for a refund within 7 days of payment.

When do I receive my certificate?

As soon as you finish watching 12 hours of video, our platform will automatically email you your certificate. You can also print your certificate by clicking on �print certificate� from the course page.

Would I be able to contact an instructor with questions?

Yes, if you have questions about the material, you may email the instructor (hello@maonlinece dot com).


Technical Questions

I forgot my username and password. What do I do?

No worries. Our platform allows you to reset your password. Just go to:https://app.maonlinece.com/forgot_password
Enter your email and our platform will email you a password reset link.

My webpage became non-responsive while in the middle of a video, how can it be fixed?

It could have happened because your computer was using a lot of resources because of multiple applications running at the same time. If you notice a lag in your computer's response time, you should close some applications. To fix a frozen/unresponsive browser, just terminate the browse by closing it (X out!).

How do I access the courses material?

Just go to https://app.maonlinece.com/signin with your username and password. Our platform remembers the video you last watched and you can continue from there. You do not have to worry about it not remembering which video you last watched. Our platform saves everything automatically.

Which browsers allow me to play your videos and access the course?

We highly recommend using the most recent chrome web browser. Our platform also supports numerous other major browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 8 and up, Safari, Firefox, Android, Iphone, Ipad, Galaxy tablets, and more.